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Student Services and Amenities Fee.

UQ collects from students something called SSAF, a fee to fund non-academic services and amenities to support you while at university. As a significant service provider, APS is allocated a portion of this fee to help provide things like health and wellbeing services, events, and bursaries for postgraduate students.


Postgraduate students play a critical role in advancing research and knowledge in their fields, which can have a significant impact on society. Supporting their development and success can help create a pipeline of talented and motivated individuals who can drive innovation and progress in a variety of areas.


To ensure SSAF is being used to the optimal benefit of students, the university is required to consult with students through a formal engagement process (i.e. the annual SSAF Survey and an advisory group of democratically elected representatives).

In 2024, your SSAF will be distributed as follows:

  • Association of Postgraduate Students (APS): $791,928

  • University of Queensland Union (UQU): $7,127,356

  • UQ Sport: $3,167,714

  • UQ Student Affairs: $3,167,714

  • UQ student experience projects: $1,583,857


APS continues to demonstrate its ability to provide SSAF funded services which provide value for money, quality, probity, and reliability. As always, enhancing student involvement and empowerment is part of our core mission.

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