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The Postgrad Bursary is designed to help postgraduate students at UQ during their studies. It aims to assist with expenses and costs related to starting a postgraduate career, such as fees for publishing and attending conferences.


Eligibility Criteria 

  • Postgraduate students wishing to enhance their educational experience and professional development. 

  • Bursaries are equally allocated between Higher Degree by Research (HDR) and Coursework postgraduate students. 

  • Documentation confirming the arrangement is required. 

  • Not have applied for a postgraduate bursary in the same calendar year.

Categories of Eligible Expenses 

Applicants may apply for bursaries in the following categories: 

1. Professional Development Materials: 

  • Materials (e.g., books, software) contributing to professional growth. 

  • Must demonstrate relevance to professional development. 

  • Required documentation: Evidence of relevance. 


2. Supplementary Educational Activities: 

  • Enrolment in non-degree courses or workshops enhancing skills. 

  • Costs not counted toward UQ degree requirements. 

  • Required documentation: Proof of enrolment and associated costs. 


3. Conference Attendance: 

  • Participation in conferences for networking and professional development. 

  • Required documentation: Evidence of conference fees and participation. 


4. Research-Related Expenses:

  • Expenses broadening professional expertise or contributing to a field of study. 

  • Not direct requirements of the university program. 

  • Required documentation: Relevant proof. 

5. Specialised Workshops or Training: 

  • Expenses for specialised workshops or training sessions not contribute directly to the academic degree but are beneficial for professional growth.  

  • Proof of enrolment and evidence of the costs involved are necessary. 

6. Internships or Practical Experience Programs: 

  • For engaging in unpaid internships or practical experience programs that offer significant professional development or skill acquisition.

7. Parents of Children Welfare Bursary: 

  • Supporting the overall welfare of student-parents and enabling them to continue their education with reduced financial stress.


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