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Penny University (St Lucia)

3 Aug 2023

Calling all HDR Students - come get a free coffee and form those fabled interdisciplinary connections we've all heard so much about.

Register here.

When: 1pm-3pm first Thursday of the Month

Where: Darwin's Cafe

In 17th Century Oxford the first coffee houses opened up around campus where you'd pay a penny and come in to enjoy your coffee, chat with other scholars and learn about what going on outside your field, and we invite you to do exactly that!We also know that research can sometimes feel a bit lonely and we realise the reduced opportunities for social interaction may be proving hard for you to meet new people at the university right now. Penny University is your opportunity to get out of your silo, enjoy a coffee (or tea) on us, and take a break from research that isn't just procrastinatory scrolling.

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