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GradCon 2023

2 July 2023

The inaugural Australian postgraduate student conference, hosted at The University of Queensland.

The UQ Union and the UQU Association of Postgraduate Students is proud to present the inaugural 2023 Graduate Conference.The conference will be held from 3-4 July 2023 under the theme of Postgraduate Accord: Urgent Conversation for a Collaborative Future.This two-day conference will bring postgraduate student leaders across the country to discuss contemporary issues around higher education coursework and research. The conference will touch on topics such as the value of accessible education, HECS indexation, and other topics around the 'public good'. GradCon is a project organised by the UQ Union, UQU Association of Postgraduate Students, QUT Guild, Southern Cross Postgraduate Student Association, Sydney University Postgraduate Student Association, UWA Student Guild Postgraduate Association, National Aboriginal & Torre Strait Islander Postgraduate Student Association, University of Melbourne Graduate Student Association, Griffith University Postgraduate Students Association, and the Macquarie Graduate Research Union.Please note: Full conference details will be emailed to delegates before the event.


- Venues: Steele Building (3) and ModWest (11A), The University of Queensland

- Catering provided (includes a cocktail networking event in the Brisbane CBD)

- Registrations essential

- All are welcome


- This is a wheelchair accessible event.

- Steele Building: Conference rooms are accessible via stairs or two options of elevators in both the Steele Building and adjacent Global Change Building.

- ModWest: Conference rooms are accessible via ramp at the front of the building.

You can access information on campus accessibility here:

We also recommend checking out the campus accessibility maps here:

Please contact us here or via if you would like to communicate any access needs to us.

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